Crystal Nickel


My goal is very simple. To be a graphic designer. I also LOVE being a photographer. I rather be there for someone's big day or just capture moments without charging my clients an arm and a leg. Just a small hand will do :). I just want to do graphic design every day for a living. I would love going to work every day and I can not wait until I finally reach that goal. My options are still open and I will go in any direction that gets me closer to a full-time graphic designer.

I will always be his little girl. I love you daddy. RIP 10-9-09

I love my life. I really do. I love to laugh. I love to make other people laugh. People love to laugh at me. I see it as them laughing with me.
My passion in life is art.
I love dogs.
I hate scorpions, although I have never seen one in real life.
I love to swim in the lake.
I do not swim in the ocean.
I hate storms.
They scare me.
I love my friends.
I have a weenie dog named Hailey.
She has a licking problem.
I love to draw.
I love kisses on my eyelids.
I treasure my friendships
I am positively, absolutely CRAZY.
I love the snow.
I love to sing.
Country is my favorite music.
I love my honda accord...aka grandma car.
I hate tomatoes.
I only have a handful of friends whom I can't live without.
I badly need a tan.
I do not like to sculpt.
I love to paint.
My grandmother is Puerto-Rican, she is the coolest.
I love yoo-hoo.
I love chocolate milk.
I am MARRIED to the man of my dreams.
Hopefully in my life time I will have a great career.
BROWN IS my favorite color.
I am always wanting to lose weight and currently crossfit training. I love it!
I always dress down.
However, I am starting to dress up.
I love to design. I love design. I love typography. K is my favorite letter.
I adore Sex and the City and One Tree Hill.
It is hard for me to trust someone.
My wieght loss goal is 65 pounds.
My bestest friend is pratically my sister.
I am a movie FREAK!
I own a mac.
I am not a morning person unless I am waking up for design.
But, I am slowly changing that since I am waking up for crossfit training.
I stopped biting my nails.
Now I get mad when one breaks.
I should take medcine b/c I am very indecisive.
I run off of to-do lists.
I am trying not to procrastinate as much.
I love ketchup.
Frogs are cool.
I hate mean people.
I do not do drugs.
I hate to write. However, I have great writings skills.
I love to love.
and that gets a little scary sometimes.